Why acoustic foam is a must for any professional or project studio?

Why acoustic foam is a must for any professional or project studio?

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Professionals now know that a room’s acoustics is key to recording good quality music. If you have spent a lot on equipment and very little on acoustics in your studio, you will face sound problems that will cause recording and quality issues.

Most often a room is not specifically designed as a recording studio and therefore will need acoustic panels to improve sound quality. When recording music, the sound will travel throughout the room and bounce off all surfaces and other sound waves. As sound bounces, it will clash and change, which can make for problems such as reflections, reverberation, and slap echo, etc.

With no acoustic treatments, practice sessions will not be pleasurable, while recording and monitoring will be made difficult. This is mainly because the source of the sound is not clear, making the recording process tiresome. Once your acoustic treatments are installed, your sound will be clear with no background sounds from the room that alter clarity. 

Fortunately, leading foam manufacturers offer affordable soundproofing foam that can be custom-made to your specifications.  Acoustic treatments are easy to work with and can be installed in a few hours. Treatments also come in a variety of shapes and colors to suit your purpose and preferences.

The Foam Factory offers a wide range of acoustic foam that is affordable and custom cut to your specifications. Their online store will provide you with the details you require to correctly select your foam with step-by-step details on how to measure your space.