20 Jul

Three Overseas Films That Made It Big in the US


Article Written by : Art & Literature

While a number of American moviegoers tend to believe good film making begins and ends at the gates of Hollywood studios, in reality there have been a number of foreign films that have done well in this country over the years. Here are three of the most successful foreign-made movies that have captured the hearts of American film buffs. Read More »

25 Jun

Fundamentals Every Filmmaker Needs

charlie_matthauWritten by: Charlie Matthau

Summary: With these fundamentals, you’ll be ready to produce and direct top-notch films.

Every movie will be a new experience, and each one brings a new set of challenges. You’ll always find that there are common problems on any set, but each project presents unique opportunities to learn and succeed. Filmmaking is one of the most rewarding creative pursuits in existence, but you’ll need to master these skills before you can approach it at a high level. Read More »

21 Jul

Suicide should not be the answer

That Voice. Chester Bennington, you also left us way too soon Man.

Suicide is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem.

I know, it’s our creative side Man. Its also bad brain chemistry (most times treatable) with meds and weekly therapy.

I wish you asked for proper help and got treatment. I will miss (and always honor) Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and my original G that left us way too early, Dave Mirra. All had family and kids, but that depression and creativity wiring is a BITCH.

Depression, Mental Issues are real; especially these days (recession/social media, etc). Money ain’t SHIT. Being Brave to ask for Help is. Don’t Commit Suicide Please. Especially if you have kids. Instead, be Brave (on your good day) and ask for help. It will save your kids & family misery. Plus with proper treatment, you will actually find happiness (eventually, with work, meds, easy/fun goals, little steps, friend support circle, etc.). Don’t worry, it will go away. I know because i’ve fought depression and hopelessness many times over, and got to the other side of the constant rain. It is possible.

National 24/7 Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

10 Apr

Financing Tips for Indie Filmmakers

Too many indie filmmakers today are flocking to Kickstarter and other forms of crowd funding, when the funding they need already exists in Hollywood and within the entertainment industry. The trouble isn’t a lack of access, it’s learning how to find these investors and what to do once you’ve got them willing to listen to your pitch. This advice should help amateurs looking to take their work to a more professional level.

Find Investors

The first places you can check for investors should be with your state or county film commissioner’s office. Especially outside of Hollywood. They can put you in touch with someone who might be interested in investing, or help point you in the right direction. Lawyers may also know serial investors, but will probably less receptive to putting you in touch. If all else fails, you can always search IMDB and look at the casts and crews of films. Some may be willing to help in a small way.


If possible, you want to leave yourself the maximum amount of time possible to do a shoot. Even if all you can squeeze out is another week, it helps you iron out the flaws and kinks that come with production. Cut by using simple locations and relying less on digital effects and post production than you absolutely need to. You can also use tax incentives to help improve your own costs, so again, a trip to your film commissioner’s office is a necessity.

Bio: Omar Amanat is best known for his work with the Aman Resorts Group venture. Omar Amanat is also a film investor and philanthropist.

23 Feb

How Information Society cleared a Star Trek Sample in the 80’s

This was just posted on the Information Society page on Facebook. It’s the story of how a Star Trek sample of Mr. Spokc was cleared to be used on the song “What’s on your mind (Pure Energy)” which is one of my favorite tracks on the 80’s. Amazing Story! Read More »

20 Jan

The most famous celebrity diets

Written by Costbuys

Many people face peer pressure to attain a particular body shape. However, maintaining our bodies can sometimes be difficult with work and family commitments. Here are some of the most famous celebrity diets that will get you quick results in a very short time. For further information look at online shopping deals that offer books with diet and lifestyle plans written by celebrities.

The five-factor diet – This diet consists of eating five meals a day and each meal should include five ingredients. The ingredients include protein, unsaturated fats, fiber, carbs and a drink containing no sugar. The diet also requires for a 30-minute workout 5 days a week. Eva Mendez is a proponent of this diet and is said to have lost 15 pounds.

The maple syrup diet – This diet is suitable for those who want to lose quickly in a very short period. The diet involves drinking a concoction of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. Celebrities like Beyoncé say that they have lost over 19 pounds on this diet.

The holistic detox diet – This diet will supposedly speed up your metabolism and improve digestion, all the while making you lose weight. The diet consists of only consuming red meat, nuts, and tea and making sure you chew your food at least 10 times before swallowing. Celebrities such as Kate Moss have said that this diet helped her lose 8 pounds in just 21 days.

To read more about these diets, look at books and videos sold on an online shopping website.


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15 Jan

The five most anticipated movies of 2017

Article Written by : Fashion News

2016 was supposed to be a good year for movies. We had gigantic event movies like Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool etc which did extremely well in the box office. We also had mega flops like Batman v Superman, X-Men Apocalypse and Independance Day: Resurgence to name a few. 2017 promises to better it, here are some of the most anticipated movies for 2017: Read More »

12 Nov

Top snacks for movie night at home

26Written by Costbuys

Sometimes a movie night is a perfect way to enjoy a cold night. And anytime you sit down to watch movies, snacks are essential. Sadly, store bought movie friendly snacks tend to be high in sugar and preservatives. One of the best ways to avoid these is to consider making movie snacks and drinks at home. Here are a few ideas that you can easily throw together. You don’t even need to leave your home; just order anything you’re missing from an online shopping portal:

Roasted almonds

It does not get easier than roasting your own almonds. Some of the best online shopping deals have almonds going cheap. Buy raw almonds and then roast them yourself and add whatever flavors and spices you like. This is cheap, easy and requires very little prep.


Another snack that is to put together. Buy corn chips in bulk and avoid the big brands that have all sorts of other ingredients thrown in. Add some cheese, salsa, and jalapenos and you have one of the most popular movie snacks.


This takes a little more work but packs a bit more punch than the normal snacks. Once the hummus is made just pair it with either corn chips, pita bread or crackers. For a healthier alternative, use fresh raw vegetables like carrot and celery.

Chicken nuggets

There are a couple of choices here. There are frozen nuggets which can be fried at home or you can make your own. Although making it yourself it harder, they are much healthier and can be tastier. There are hundreds of recipe online for homemade nuggets.


Costbuys offers the best household necessities that have never been more affordable when you go discount shopping online.

5 Nov

Vin Diesel storms off set after fued with Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson

Article Written by : Daily Makeover Beauty Board
van diesel and rock.jpg
According to TMZ, Vin Diesel stormed off the set of Fast and the Furious 8, after shooting his final scene. He gathered everyone together and ended his speech with the words ‘daddy’s gone’.

During the filming of the movie, Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, made a very rare public Facebook rant about some of the male costars in the movie. He went on to call some of them “candy asses”. He said that while the three female co-stars and the behind the scenes crew were amazing, he did not feel the same about everyone. Read More »

23 Sep

Top 10 Celebrities When it Comes to Beauty IQ

We know these celebrities are beautiful. But did you know that they are also beauty smart?

Mila Kunis: A believer that it’s the simple things that make the most difference, Mila washes her face every night before bed. She also doubles up her pillow cases and always makes sure they are clean.

Gwyneth Paltrow: When it comes to her beauty routine, Gwyneth likes to keep it natural, going for just what the doctor ordered, inside and out. She nourishes her skin daily by applying a light omega-3 oil.

Beyoncé: She’s talented and stunning, and no-doubt part of Beyoncé’s success is due to her beauty smarts. Her two most important pieces of advice: smile often and always use moisturizer.

Cameron Diaz: In Cameron’s eyes, beauty is much more than skin deep. She exercises regularly, laughs, plays, and makes love often. She also drinks lots of water.

Taylor Swift: The trend-setting talent avoids using any hair products for fear of the crunchy effect. She also blots her red lipstick to help the color stay all day.

Halle Berry: This ageless wonder is full of genius tips on how to stay youthful. One of her favorite anti-cellulite remedies: adding ground coffee to her body wash to increase blood flow and exfoliate skin.

Blake Lively: The actress is living proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your beauty routine. One of her favorite tips: applying oil or mayonnaise to her hair before showering to provide a pre-shampoo moisture shot.

Victoria Beckham: A true beauty genius knows some of the best treatments are a little off the beaten path. A good example: Posh uses skincare products made with bird poop. She believes the bird turd helps purify and brighten her skin.

Miranda Kerr: The smartest celebs know how to improvise. As evidence, Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda has used a spoon instead of an eyelash curler to shape her lashes. For best results, heat the spoon with a hair dryer and then hold your lashes against the curve of the spoon and turn upward, with the bowl-part facing up.

Catherine-Zeta Jones: Old wives’ tale or wise beauty advice? The smartest celebs can tease out the best tips. For example, Catherine douses her hair in beer to keep it looking its best. The alcohol removes build-up and boosts shine.

Adore Organic Innovation uses organic fruits and botanical extracts to offer innovations in skin care driven by formulations from plant stem cells, gold, vitamin C and more to promote smooth, youthful-looking skin.

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The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

Everybody wants to be a celebrity, and why not? The fame and big paychecks seem like living the dream. Celebrities [&hellip

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