iHateJulian: A rising independent artist with Jamaican roots

iHateJulian: A rising independent artist with Jamaican roots

Article by Leroy Campbell. Staff Writer.

For those of us living in Jamaica, it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride when seeing the success of artists with Jamaican roots. From Shaggy and Bob Marley to Sean Kingston and Sean Paul, Jamaica has a rich history of producing talented musicians. When we hear rising new artists in Jamaica, it’s hard not to hope they’ll be the next act to take the world by storm.

Avid followers of the hip-hop music scene in Jamaica may have heard iHateJulian on the radio. His song “I ain’t impressed” was featured on BET Jams in 2020 and got major airplay in Jamaican radios. He also has a new hype-inducing single called “Come Wit It.” According to Popnable.com, “Come Wit It” has reached number 45 on the Jamaican charts and is poised to climb higher. After hearing this track on the radio, I was intrigued about this hot new artist and his style. At first glance, it seemed like iHateJulian was a rising talent born and bred in the American hip-hop scene. However, it turns out that his roots are much closer.

iHateJulian is the nom de guerre of Julian Hanlan, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but raised in Florida. Julian is a versatile entertainer who has appeared in films such as True Colors and award-winning web series such as “Close Friends.” His creative pursuits may be varied, but according to interviews, he has had a passion for hip-hop and crafting rhymes ever since he was 5-6 years old. And he’s named some of the greats as his musical influences, including Jay-Z, Diddy, and Nick Cannon.

This passion shows in his willingness to explore different beats and flows on his latest EP, titled Moody. “Come Wit It” is just one of the songs on the EP, so fans hungry for more can listen to the rest of the tracks for a fuller picture of iHateJulian as an artist. Hip-hop enthusiasts who do will find it exciting to hear an artist who can’t be confined to a single style. They may also be fascinated by his unadulterated creative vision as he follows in the footsteps of artists like Eminem, Logic, and Dr. Dre, who write and produce their own lyrics and beats.