Top snacks for movie night at home

Top snacks for movie night at home

26Article by NFR Film.

Sometimes a movie night is a perfect way to enjoy a cold night. And anytime you sit down to watch movies, snacks are essential. Sadly, store bought movie friendly snacks tend to be high in sugar and preservatives. One of the best ways to avoid these is to consider making movie snacks and drinks at home. Here are a few ideas that you can easily throw together. You don’t even need to leave your home; just order anything you’re missing from an online shopping portal:

Roasted almonds

It does not get easier than roasting your own almonds. Some of the best online shopping deals have almonds going cheap. Buy raw almonds and then roast them yourself and add whatever flavors and spices you like. This is cheap, easy and requires very little prep.


Another snack that is to put together. Buy corn chips in bulk and avoid the big brands that have all sorts of other ingredients thrown in. Add some cheese, salsa, and jalapenos and you have one of the most popular movie snacks.


This takes a little more work but packs a bit more punch than the normal snacks. Once the hummus is made just pair it with either corn chips, pita bread or crackers. For a healthier alternative, use fresh raw vegetables like carrot and celery.

Chicken nuggets

There are a couple of choices here. There are frozen nuggets which can be fried at home or you can make your own. Although making it yourself it harder, they are much healthier and can be tastier. There are hundreds of recipe online for homemade nuggets.