Starting Your Own Internet Radio

If you have a good internet connection and some time on your hand, starting an internet radio can be a way to make most out of it. Online radio stations are very easy to start and with the increase in number of websites that are willing to host you, you will not have to incur some of the hosting costs. To start an online radio involves you selecting your target market fast. The target market will help determine the kind of music you will be playing.

After you choose the kind of music you are willing to play, you should figure out if you are starting a free radio station online or you or you will offer it on subscription basis. You will also need to know if you will rely on advertising costs or on subscription fees. This will mean that you target your customers from one geographical region for advertising rights issues. Make sure you clear with the local authorities on how you will pay for music royalty and copyright issues.

The next step involves you finding the music you are going to play. These days you can easily find free music online but since you will be running a licensed business, it is a good idea to buy music legally from the producers themselves or from third party websites. Make sure you are allowed to use the music that you buy on your station otherwise, you may end up facing legal hurdles.