Racy Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover

Racy Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover

sports illustratorLooks like people are not happy with the racy Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover. the new cover features a beautiful model with her bikini bottom slightly pulled down to reveal partial frontal nudity.  In a poll, 68% of readers thought the cover image resembled porn, while 38% found it ‘so hot!

The truth is that sex sells! This is what they wanted to achieve. Now more people will buy it! The more people like us discuss it, the more people will buy. I had no idea about this until I saw a post on Facebook and decided to write about it!

Here are some comments posted on Facebook:

“Clearly, people do not understand what porn is.”

“Won’t somebody please think of the children! wink emoticon”

 “I think parents have plenty of things to explain to their children that are far more important than a Sports Illustrated magazine cover.”

“Nudist would be so offended that she has clothes on. Their poor kids.”

“And their audience is the 38%… so they piss off the people who wouldn’t buy it anyway and get free publicity out of it. Seems like a good strategy to me”

“Howard Stern AND Rush know what’s up.”

“Hey if I had a hot body like that I’d show it off! Its only porn if thats the attitude you have….at almost 60 what I would do to have a body like that!!!!”

” I’m just offended that they Photoshopped her into not looking human.”