Health Tips for Professionals in the Entertainment Industry

Health Tips for Professionals in the Entertainment Industry

Kaki-West-bwWritten by Kaki West

While you might be following your dreams, working in the entertainment industry can take a toll on your health — that is if you don’t take care of yourself. As an international model, actress, and TV host, Kaki West has learned a thing or two about how to stay healthy while working in the fast-paced and demanding entertainment and fashion industries. Here are a few tips that keep her healthy and glowing for the next photo shoot or gig (See Kaki West images).

Take time to de-stress. It’s not a surprise thatstress wreaks havoc on our health. It can show up in many formss, from a breakout on the skin to muscle cramps and back pain. However, the key to avoiding a total meltdown (which often happens to professionals in the entertainment industry) is to de-stress on a regular basis. Whether it is going on a walk, getting a massage, or taking a yoga class, designate a block of time every single day to de-stress and recoup.

Stay hydrated and energized with H20. If you’re always on the go, it can be hard to stay hydrated. What makes things worse might be your desire to consume caffeinated beverages to keep your energy levels up for longer. But instead of relying on caffeine and sugar to keep you awake, drink lots of water throughout the day. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated and give you the energy you need all day long.

Kaki West is a model, actress, and television host who lives in New York City. Visit her website to see the latest Kaki West pics.