Downloading Music Online – Getting The Best Deal

In the afternoon of last August 14, iLike, a popular music recommendation web site launched its own mp3 download store. With prices ranging from $0.89 to $1.29, iLike becomes one of the least expensive sites for the purchase of mp3 songs or entire albums. Before the huge breakout the web site would only offer a 30 second sample of songs, or you could also listen to the entire songs from links the site would offer to the exclusively online streaming music site Rhapsody. A partnership that no longer exists.

The now classic iTunes store is always an easy way to go for music purchases specially if you have iTunes in your computer, but their price ranges from $0.99 to $2.00, never less than that. Another good source for mp3 downloads where you can find a good deal if you dig for it is the online store. Their web site contains a full digital downloads section where you can browse for your artists and songs easily. Aside from the fact Amazon sells many entire albums for less than $5.00, the same best selling single mp3 songs that are sold on iTunes for $1.29 are available in Amazon for only $0.99, making it affordable for the consumer to get more popular tunes for less. And if you are still not satisfied with this collection of mp3 downloading online stores, you can go for the web page. A practical designed web site that possesses a huge music inventory to choose from with prices very similar to iTunes online store.