3 World Music Artists who will make it big in the United States

With PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ taking the world by storm, there’s a shift in awareness when it comes to K-Pop in recent times. A.R. Rahman from India and Brazil’s Seu Jorge have also experienced a degree of success in recent times.

But there are a few more – and so here is a list of 3 World Music Artists that should make it big in the United States:

#1: Sexy Fi

While Brazilian music is usually considered to fall into the samba or carioca genres, this band puts out a sound that resembles 90s indie rock that also has John McEntire, not surprisingly, providing creative input. Their album Nunca Te Vi De Boa was produced in Chicago. What this also tells you is there’s more to Brazilian music that what is on offer.

#2: Tinariwen

With their musical roots stemming from the sounds of the Sahara and the Tuareg people, this band was, quite intriguingly, formed in a Libyan camp with their first performance in 1982. Despite taking a break in the 90s, the band has overcome incredible odds so as to headline numerous festivals while also releasing five albums. Their sound can be described as North African traditional music while also being strongly influenced by Jimmy Hendrix.

#3: Baloji

As a rapper who has lived for the most part of his life in Belgium, most of his music revolves around subjects that speak of his experiences as an African immigrant. His album, Kinhasa Succursale, combines his French flow along with traditional Congo tunes, dancehall beats and a reggae sound.