Kim Kardashian’s Photos in Paper Magazine

Kim Kardashian’s Photos in Paper Magazine

kim-kardashian-paper-magazineSo Paper Magazine has released some pictures of Kim Kardashian who is on the cover of their upcoming issues. Boy…her butt has gotten bigger!

With Kim’s popularity and millions of social media followers, Paper Magazine made an excellent choice featuring her naked pics. They are getting so much press about this.

What do I think about this??? If you’re going to be a whore, you might as well be a rich one. I don’t care for her or her whole family. She is also plastic with her fake boobs, butt, lips and nose.  That whole family is a bunch of attention seeking whores. Her mom is now dating a black guy younger than her! A friend of mine posted these pics on Facebook and got some interesting comments.

Here are a few of them:

“Kim Kardashian is an absolute whore. I am deeply ashamed that 90% of the kids at my school all think she is a cool, hip genius. Are you freaking kidding me? Kim Kardashian is not only the biggest disgrace to Armenians everywhere, but also the biggest disgrace to women everywhere. She has singlehandedly shown all women need to succeed is a giant butt, and a spoiled, bratty attitude. I pity all the Armenians and women everywhere that have suffered being ridiculed because of this piece of gorilla feces. And HOW DARE Kim herself call herself Armenian. WHAT A LOAD OF MANURE! She had an Armenian Genocide PSA She did a while back, and you could tell her face shows that she doesn’t care about what she is talking about, and would rather be somewhere else. I bet she doesn’t even know one letter in the Armenian language.”


“Best ass ever!”

“She looks great! But ugh, enough of all of them already. She no bigger whore than anyone else in Hollywood. Their reality is much different than yours and mine. I say she’s making money and if that’s your intention with doing what you do, then she’s a successful business woman. I always say, don’t pay attention to her if you don’t like her. I don’t pay attention to her and Howard Stern. Don’t like either one”

“My wife showed me that butt pic yesterday and I told her that it is fake…but I guess its not!!! That is out of proportion (in a bad way)!

“Since Kim Kardashian has no real purpose in this world other to make the most money by any means possible, this what she has resigned herself do to do. Hey the sex tape worked so why wouldn’t these touched up photo’s continue to line her trashy pockets. There is a Catch 22
by contributing comments about her nonsense, she gets voted every year for the most interesting person on “E” They don’t say 99%
of our comments are negative. Just she is the most commented on.
So the more we comment, the more they sell their #$%$, the more we will see this self absorbed, no talent , surgery altered , air brushed body. She is fraud and her family is an embarrASSment.

Part of her success now , is her celebrity husband standing firm by her side by smiling and saying bring in the money lollllllllllll, that’s all , her husband does not mind , so why should we mind …..ok , she is half Armenian ,and then what ….She is a celebrity and she knows this is her time to shine like a star and she will do anything to get noticed and make money …..some opportunities for these celebrities are so Limited and short ……Kim’s Mom started with all kinds of projects for her family , from modeling, acting, clothing line , makeup and more ….

I bet most of the men and women out there and women who are calling her a whore would love to have her money and would do the exact thing if you knew you would be as loaded one day. There are lots if women who don’t have sex tapes on the web but have been with way more men than Kim has. I wouldn’t do some of he stuff that she does at the same time she is hard working and smart when she is handling all her businesses. I wouldn’t be comfortable to do most of the stuff she does. At the same time I don’t like judging or calling names. I do see your point of view in some ways tho. Almost all the actresses have shown themselves half naked. Its just that there are worse things that really matter like violence, drugs, crime and prostitution. She has a big behind that’s why it draws more attention.