Growing popularity of Country Music

Choosing music to listen to might seem like it is a simply decision to make, but like life, it is far from as easy as it originally might seem. If going on a road trip, choosing the correct genre of music to start out the trip and drive with can be instrumental in setting the mood. Perhaps country music should be chosen to start out the drive. There are some great tunes in country that would fit with a road trip or drive. Immediately, the song Life is a Highway comes to mind. The remake of this song by the Rascal Flatts is a great version of the song, but the original by Tom Cochrane is also a great version.

One type of popular music is Gospel music. It is a very popular genre and this type of music is created to demonstrate feelings of spiritual and personal belief towards Christian life. There are different subgenres in this type of music such as contemporary gospel, Southern gospel, and urban contemporary gospel. This genre typically uses choirs and a piano or organ. Gospel can be easily be traced back to the 18th century although one can track roots further back into history.

Another strong genre choice is Christian music. Technically any music played in a Christian worship service is Christian music, such as hymns, but Contemporary Christian music has become a popular subgenre of Christian music. It is frequently soft rock but all types and genres of music are there as an option.