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16 Jan

Anthony Nelson and the Overcomers New Album: Worship: In Spirit and In Truth

A brand new album from Anthony Nelson and the Overcomers is on its way. Entitled Worship: In Spirit and In [&hellip

21 Dec

Suicide Should Not Be The Answer

That Voice. Chester Bennington, you also left us way too soon Man. Suicide is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary [&hellip

23 Feb

How Information Society cleared a Star Trek Sample in the 80’s

This was just posted on the Information Society page on Facebook. It’s the story of how a Star Trek sample [&hellip

29 Jul

Creating a Sound Studio for Your Home

The ease of finding professional quality recording equipment at a consumer price has exploded in recent years, leading to more [&hellip

29 Jan

Zayn Malik Debuts Solo Single ‘Pillowtalk’ Featureing Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid star in the kaleidoscopic music video for Zayn’s debut solo single, “Pillowtalk.”

19 Jan

Fact: Radio Is Not Dead

Although not the smoothest of transitions, radio continues to be a beloved source of music, news, and advertisements. Americans still [&hellip

27 Mar

‘Blurred Lines’ Copyright Ruling

Last week  a federal jury ruled that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’s “Blurred Lines” had infringed on the copyright of [&hellip

11 Feb

Beck Disses Kanye, but other Musicians Don’t Take it Well

At the Grammys a few days ago, when Beck won the album of the year, Kanye approached the stage and [&hellip

20 Aug

“Ice Bucket” for raising ALS awareness

I really think this whole silly “Ice Bucket” thing is getting out of hand just like any other lame “Look [&hellip

20 Aug

Top DJ’s/EMD Producers Making Millions…Do they deserve it????

Forbes recently produced the list of  highest paid DJ’s. Some people may question if these DJ’s really deserve to get [&hellip

The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

Everybody wants to be a celebrity, and why not? The fame and big paychecks seem like living the dream. Celebrities [&hellip

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