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25 Sep

Celebrities Who Wear Contact Lenses

If your vision is not up to par and you have trouble seeing close-up, far away, or if you have some other kind of eye condition, your optometrist can get you sorted out with a solution that will help you live with vision that is nearly perfect. Celebrities, just like people who are not constantly in the limelight, can develop vision issues that can impact their day-to-day lives. While you might see celebrities in numerous press photos you would be surprised to learn that some of them actually wear contact lenses

23 Sep

Top 10 Celebrities When it Comes to Beauty IQ

We know these celebrities are beautiful. But did you know that they are also beauty smart? Mila Kunis: A believer [&hellip

11 Feb

Racy Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover

Looks like people are not happy with the racy Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover. the new cover features a beautiful [&hellip

9 Jul

Bella New York City Magazine Editorial Shot in Beverly Hills

Written by Kaki West New York City and Los Angeles: What do these two cities have in common, besides being [&hellip

The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

Everybody wants to be a celebrity, and why not? The fame and big paychecks seem like living the dream. Celebrities [&hellip

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