Top 10 Celebrities When it Comes to Beauty IQ

Top 10 Celebrities When it Comes to Beauty IQ

We know these celebrities are beautiful. But did you know that they are also beauty smart?

Mila Kunis: A believer that it’s the simple things that make the most difference, Mila washes her face every night before bed. She also doubles up her pillow cases and always makes sure they are clean.

Gwyneth Paltrow: When it comes to her beauty routine, Gwyneth likes to keep it natural, going for just what the doctor ordered, inside and out. She nourishes her skin daily by applying a light omega-3 oil.

Beyoncé: She’s talented and stunning, and no-doubt part of Beyoncé’s success is due to her beauty smarts. Her two most important pieces of advice: smile often and always use moisturizer.

Cameron Diaz: In Cameron’s eyes, beauty is much more than skin deep. She exercises regularly, laughs, plays, and makes love often. She also drinks lots of water.

Taylor Swift: The trend-setting talent avoids using any hair products for fear of the crunchy effect. She also blots her red lipstick to help the color stay all day.

Halle Berry: This ageless wonder is full of genius tips on how to stay youthful. One of her favorite anti-cellulite remedies: adding ground coffee to her body wash to increase blood flow and exfoliate skin.

Blake Lively: The actress is living proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your beauty routine. One of her favorite tips: applying oil or mayonnaise to her hair before showering to provide a pre-shampoo moisture shot.

Victoria Beckham: A true beauty genius knows some of the best treatments are a little off the beaten path. A good example: Posh uses skincare products made with bird poop. She believes the bird turd helps purify and brighten her skin.

Miranda Kerr: The smartest celebs know how to improvise. As evidence, Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda has used a spoon instead of an eyelash curler to shape her lashes. For best results, heat the spoon with a hair dryer and then hold your lashes against the curve of the spoon and turn upward, with the bowl-part facing up.

Catherine-Zeta Jones: Old wives’ tale or wise beauty advice? The smartest celebs can tease out the best tips. For example, Catherine douses her hair in beer to keep it looking its best. The alcohol removes build-up and boosts shine.

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