The top three foreign films of all time

The top three foreign films of all time

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M (1939)

When people think of foreign films they think of subtitles and difficult to understand plot lines. Asian films are seen as predominantly action and martial arts movies. What is not known is that a lot of what makes Hollywood movies so interesting like action scenes, special effects originated outside the US. One example is The Matrix, which got inspiration for its action, choreography and even its bullet-time technology from Asian movies. For the sake of clarity, foreign films considered for this list will not include anything from other English speaking countries like Australia, United Kingdom etc.

L’Avventura (1960)
An adventure of a movie. This was Italy’s Michelangelo Antonioni’s breakthrough film. It was both applauded and booed when first shown Cannes. He likes to tell stories about how modern life robs your soul. This movie starred the gorgeous Monica Vitti, a 1960’s icon.

Rules of the Game (1939)
This is a commentary of old world Europe. This movie was considered to have rewritten the rules of cinema. At the very beginning a title card reads “This is not a comedy of manners”, it is only half right as it is more than just satire.

M (1931)
The number one foreign film of all time, is also the first ever movie about a serial killer. It is a frightening and realistic take on a child murdering psycho. This movie influenced what we see now in movies like Seven and the Saw trilogy. This is director Fritz Lang’s most prized movie.