Digital Film Making: The Indie Film Maker’s Dream

Digital Film Making: The Indie Film Maker’s Dream


Article written by Charles Matthau

As a filmmaker, I benefit greatly from the advent of digital. Hardcore filmmakers like Tarantino will say that film is the epitome of cinema. I don’t disagree. The quality of film is incredible and you can’t get the same look in digital. Not even in post.

Still, film is awfully expensive. Trying to raise funding for a movie shot on film is like trying to make Don Quixote. It’s just not gonna happen. At least not without a lot of head and heartache.

Still, digital isn’t like giving up or settling. The art school part of you might cry a bit inside, but digital allows you to make a better film the way you want.


A lot of the over or underexposed shots can be fixed in post. You should still take lighting into consideration, but you may not need as much of it. You can also light scenes differently in digital, because the picture is crisp and most projectors display true black.

Cameras are cheaper too, so more of them can be deployed on set. Rentals are a great option for the first time crew, and you capture the shot you want every time.

Post production is also much easier when you’re working with digital. You can alter your effects and add others. Doing an explosion, for instance, is much easier when you’re working in digital. And far less expensive.