Bieber Still Thinks He’s An Underdog In The Pop Industry, Thanks To His Detractors

Justin Bieber, the pop heartthrob, who recently released an album titled ‘Believe’ still considers himself to be an underdog in the pop industry, as he reveals that his critics want him to fail.

In speaking of how his critics ‘inspire’ him to make better music in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, he said, “It gives me and my fans something to do and to strive for next. I feel like, in some ways, I am the underdog. Because it’s like there’s… there’s people that don’t believe that… I can make the transition from being a teen pop star to an adult. So I think that, yeah, definitely.”

Also, Bieber is eager to make the transition from being a pop heartthrob to making mature music that will appeal to adults as well.

In also speaking of his new album ‘Believe’, he also said that with older people warming up to songs on his latest album, he feels happy they’re judging him based on the music he has created and not by his age.

He goes on to say that it annoys him when his detractors still consider him to be just another heartthrob and it makes him even more determined to prove them wrong even though he has the distinction of being a household name ever since he carved out a career in the music business at the tender age of 13.

As for goals for the future, Bieber is striving to win a Grammy Award which has been his ultimate goal ever since he was a child.