Types of Sound Proofing Foam Panels

Types of Sound Proofing Foam Panels

acoustically-treated-studioSound proofing foam isn’t limited to just one kind of panel. Depending on the effect you want in your recording, you can absorb or diffuse sound to try and create a better space for performance. Whether you’re podcasting, or recording voice over work, proper sound proofing will become more important to you as your audience demands better quality. This guide will help you distinguish which types of foam panels will work best for your objectives.

Panels for Diffusion

When you want to control the way sound fills the space, you’ll want acoustic foam panels that have edges to them. Sound travels in waves, so when you utilize something like pyramid or wedge-cut foam, the waves get diffused across the hard edges. The result is an even spread of sound, which is beneficial for those trying to set up a nice home theater system.

Diffusion is a good method to improve the acoustics in a space. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to sound diffusion, so don’t settle for something that simply does the job if you’re trying to build a home theater. There are very artsy looking panels that offer sound diffusion, and can be made to look like they are part of the home’s design.

Panels for Deadening Sound

When you want to eliminate excess noise for recording purposes, sound deadening foam panels are a must. They are typically flatter in design, offering waves or a grid pattern to help absorb sound waves. Deadening sound helps create the perfect space for recording, but it’s also useful if you want to stop sound from leaving your space. If you have a child in a band, or like loud movies, sound deadening foam can offer an excellent value to you.

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