Skrillex, is it music or noise…

One of my friends the other day posted this about Skrillex on Facebook:

“Call me “OLD SCHOOL” but i just can’t get into this whole new wave of DUBSTEP music artists like DJ/Producer Skrillex! I mean I do appreciate his artistic creativity, and all but to be honest his music sounds like listening to the music of Decepticons from Trasformers planet Cybertron! It sounds like MegaTron has laid down the tracks! LOL It’s to Robotic, and too computerized! I don’t know what all the hype is about Skrillex, and now all the bands are hiring him to make their songs sound like the Transformers Robotic Music.”

Being a huge Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fan, I had actually not heard of Skrillex until he was nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist of the Year. I have been a little out of touch with new electronic music lately, probably because I am getting older. However, after listening to Skrillex music, I thought it was pretty good. It is not my favorite EDM, but its refreshing to hear some new sounds and new styles…I think he is unique and does not sound like anyone else, so I give him credit for doing what he is doing. It’s interesting that some people at Grammy’s have nominated him. No idea why all the sudden the people at Grammy’s are paying attention do dance music.┬á I think dance music has become more mainstream, specially in the last few years. You hear Rhianna, Britney Spears many top artists doing type of dance music that was only heard at clubs before, not radio.

It seems there are however many haters of Skrillex and people that just don;t get it. Here are some of the comments to that thread in response to my friend’s post…

– this is the best facebook post you’ve ever made.

– Ah Fred don’t get me started on that crap and I love EDM . . . It’s musical vomit!

– I wouldn’t hire this guy to clean a restroom!

– Hahahahaha!!! Thanks Mr. Green, and Arbi I am just so tired of hearing all the hype about this Cybertron Music DJ! I do like Electronica Music, but this is just plain Non-Musicial Music! LOL

– Its not music, it’s just noise…and yes I know that statement prob makes me sound old, so be it…I call ’em as I see ’em.

– If not liking the music from planet Cybertron makes me sound Old then so be it! LOL i rather sound old than to listen crappy noise thats made by computer programs : )

-unfortunately thats how music progresses, the older generation despises the newer generation and so on, one day Skrillex fans will here a new waveform of atoms and molecules music and consider that style unlistenable. i remember when i was a kid and i wore my nirvana shirt and all the metal heads of the 80’s thought i was tone deff. evolution is a mofo.

– Skrillex makes Gay Robot Sex Music for Satan and his friends! I say good for the little guy w/ his noisy ideas. Let there be noise! If anyone thinks Skrillex is replacing Bach, they need to re-evaluate how much importance they put on popular cultural trends/fads. He’s a kid w/ a laptop whose having fun, good for Coreys cousin!

– This guys name just freakes me out =)

-Any hambal gets up one morning and becomes a musician =)

– Let the little kids have fun Fred, Pity they haven’t heard music, as for the merit the music holds, pure editing and effect geniuses but to call it music is going to far, it sounds like recycled dog shit for brain dead zombies.

– I Love electronica music. I admire artists such as The Crystal Method, Sneaker Pimps, Orbital, The Dust Brothers, Goldie, God Lives Under water, Roni Size, The cehmical Brothers, and their music really moves my soul because they mix Rhythm with Amazing hypnotic melodies but i just can’t get the same feeling from Skrillex Music because it’s too Robotic, and Saturated with Pro Tools sound effects. He is creative but i don’t see the hype.

– Another Skrillex hater!!! Boo Fred Boo!

– it’s a matter of taste…seen the guy live and I’ve never seem a DJ move his ass and pump up the crowd like that, while only pushing buttons…he is very passionate about what he does and works his ass off and it’s crystal clear when you see him … I’m not saying its the best music, it’s not, but it doesn’t hurt to be open to changes in certain genres of music…

– I totally agree with you Belinda, and as i said in my previous comment I love The Crystal Method, Sneaker Pimps, Orbital, The Dust Brothers, Goldie, God Lives Under water, Roni Size, The chemical Brothers, and The Apex Twin, but i just can’t see the hype with this guy, but then again it is mater of taste =))

– and i guess at a Live show it can get very exciting while the music is Loud pumping the crowd and everyone is in the mood. I was listening to the songs today, and most of them were very very similar to one another. It was all the same sound. When it comes to music, everyone will have different tastes, and ideas.

– I don’t know who called him *** hole or piece of **** but his music, if you can call this noise music, is hebetating!!!

– I am sorry but after seeing the videos, i don’t call someone a “Musician” who turns knobs, and pushes knobs on Akai and Roland digital sound machines, and working on the digital computer software

– There will be only one electronic composer for me whose works I still listen to and enjoy: Jean Michelle Jarre! Everything else…is just noise!

– You are very welcome Brotha! Usually something “Trendy” in music bothers me, and seems like almost everyone jumps the wagon. As i said before in my comments, i do love and listen to Electronica music, but this new Dubstep Trend is really is that a TREND! =))