Roger Daltrey Floods Twitter after Unbuttoning His Shirt during 12/12/12 Benefit

Madison Square Garden in New York was packed on 12-12-12 for The Concert for Sandy Relief, with exciting performances by major stars such as Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, and Eddie Vedder. Nothing weird or awkward happened during the live show until the lead singer of The Who decided to unbutton his shirt.

During what was described as a rather long set, Roger Daltrey suddenly unbuttoned his shirt, startling audiences with his orange and toned torso, according to Yahoo! News. The image was enough to flood Twitter with posts such as:

“Roger,” Jack Fagan tweeted, “even the Red Hot Chili Peppers wear shirts now.”

“I would like to donate to the relief fund and donate a turtleneck sweater to Roger Daltrey,” Paul Pabst joked.

“Daltrey now down a jacket, shirt flung open, suspicious muscles glistening,” Heidi Moore wrote on Twitter.

“Hulk Hogan thinks Roger Daltrey should button up,” Twitter user‏ @fangsbites wrote.

“From the looks of the old British rockers,” actor Thomas Lennon tweeted, “NYC’s yoga studios must be JAMMED this week.”

“Daltrey just buttoned up his shirt,” Ritch Duncan reported. “My guess is he caught a glimpse of the live Twitter feed above the stage.”

However, Daltrey was not the only one making headlines in Twitter. Kanye West was also ridiculed by Twitter members during the benefit concert, and not for anything he said. This time, the musician was in the spotlight for his unique outfit.

“Concert officials have announced plans for a new benefit for the victims of the @kanyewest performance,” Jared Lyons joked.

Is Kanye wearing a kilt?” more than a few Twitter users asked.

“Kanye would [look] less ridiculous in this @JerrySeinfeld outfit,” @The7Line tweeted, linking to a screengrab from “The Puffy Shirt” episode.

The entire event went on for about six hours, longer than most audience members could handle, and as one person Tweeted, longer than the storm itself.