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4 Oct

Research Suggests Movie Stars Aren’t Worth Their Salaries

By Phin Upham Top movie stars can make $10 million or more for a single picture. Movie studios justify this [&hellip

12 Sep

700 Kids audition for NBC’s live broadcast of “The Sound of Music”, professional actors will take prominent parts

With a NBC live broadcast of “The Sound of Music” in the works, almost 700 kids responded to an open [&hellip

12 Aug

Miley Cyrus VMA Performance draws sharp criticism, PTC issues complaint

Following the “raunchy” performance of Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs, Parent Television Council (PTC) has issued a complaint against [&hellip

20 May

Linked-In Updates Policies Regarding Sexual Solicitation

Article Submitted By : iclimber A current revision to Linked-In’s policies included the clause to the things not to do [&hellip

20 Dec

Notorious B.I.G Autopsy Report Released, Case Remains Unsolved

The murder of Notorious B.I.G in 1997 is one of the most high-profile crimes that the United States has seen, [&hellip

15 Oct

Recapping Your Day, Hearing Current Events with Talk Radio

Driving on my way home from work today, I was unable to really find anything on the regular old terrestrial [&hellip

13 Oct

Is it time to take the ‘Rock & Roll’ out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Article written by Sid Solomon With the nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced, and apart from [&hellip

22 Sep

Bieber Still Thinks He’s An Underdog In The Pop Industry, Thanks To His Detractors

Justin Bieber, the pop heartthrob, who recently released an album titled ‘Believe’ still considers himself to be an underdog in [&hellip

15 Aug

Review of OVO by Cirque du Soleil

Guess post provided by Star Struck Extreme Entertainment Blog I have always loved Cirque du Soleil. They have done some [&hellip

8 Jul

Starting Your Own Internet Radio

If you have a good internet connection and some time on your hand, starting an internet radio can be a [&hellip

The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

The Three Highest Paid Celebrities in Hollywood

Everybody wants to be a celebrity, and why not? The fame and big paychecks seem like living the dream. Celebrities [&hellip

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